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Where some people see challenges, truly innovative thinkers see potential. For Adi Marom, Socure’s Sr. Director of Strategic Account Management, her proclivity to think “outside the box” when problem solving was cultivated by her service in the Israeli military, working for global corporations, and being open to taking chances. 

Driven by persistence and out-of-the-box thinking, Adi naturally gravitates to looking at challenges from as many perspectives as possible—a trait she’s developed throughout her career in customer-focused roles. “I’m always pushing myself out of my comfort zone and to try new things and grow.”.

Turning Challenges into Compelling Opportunities

Throughout her professional life, Adi has jumped at opportunities to turn challenges into compelling opportunities. At the young age of 18, Adi began her national military service in Israel, during which she worked closely with Major Generals on strategic projects. She notes that this experience developed her strategic approach to problem solving and her executive relationships building skills.  

After completing her national military service in Israel and finishing college, Adi worked in the CEO’s office for a global company with offices in Israel. She realized that she found the most personal fulfillment when working directly with customers, but at the time, most of her employer’s clients weren’t in Israel. 

When offered a 3-year contract to work in the US, Adi loved the idea of being “in the field” with customers and decided to accept the US contract and relocate her family to the States, a move influenced by her intensely motivated, “embrace the challenge” mindset. 

Once in her new role, Adi flourished working directly with customers, expanding and deepening her knowledge and a keen sense of active listening. By going elbows deep and building customer relationships, Adi’s goal was to “be that contact that [the customer] would want to bring to the table when they’re strategizing, when they’re trying to find a solution to a problem.” 

Exemplifying a Socure Team Core Value: Compete to Win

Adi sees customer interactions—whether it is an escalation or just a periodic touchpoint—as opportunities to illustrate her and her team’s ‘compete to win’ core value. They aim to win the customer’s trust, collaboration, engagement, partnership, and new business.

Adi’s aptitude for strategy and customer-centric solutions made her a natural fit with the Socure team when she joined in 2021. For Adi, Socure presented the opportunity to “be curious about your customer and how you grow success to the max.”

In terms of curiosity and creativity, Socure’s performance-focused culture posed the perfect match for Adi’s leadership style, as she concentrates on how she and her team can have the most impact on our engagement with clients. Adi encourages her team to “keep thinking about what you didn’t do yet that might make an impact and read between the lines on what you’re hearing.”

As one of Socure’s leaders, Adi highlights the importance of taking ownership of problem solving and solutions, stating, “You need to define the path. You need to set the strategy.” The success in this mindset depends on completely understanding customers’ perspective. Adi describes each customer as a universe unto themselves – with distinct business needs, objectives, success criteria, and business opportunities for Socure. 

Ultimately, this perspective is what defines Adi and her Strategic Management team’s creative, unconventional approach to clients. Adi wants to see her team go beyond the basic responsibility areas of account managers, such as ensuring responsiveness and building trust.

From her perspective, a powerful, proactive Account Manager looks at accounts holistically and defines the end-to-end strategy. The ultimate goal is orchestrating all internal supporting functions to focus on the right objectives and execute together, in order to take the account to the next level.

Planting the Seeds for Continuous Expansion

Adi sees each client’s business as a playground—“Maybe we’re just using the swings right now, but what else is out there for us to explore and grow and do more together?”. This philosophy ties into Adi’s goal of ensuring Account Managers go beyond simply managing Socure’s existing relationships with customers. “We are actively planting the seeds for expansion opportunities by expanding relationships, having high-level conversations with high-level contacts, and challenging our customers on how to do things better”, Adi says. As these new opportunities are uncovered, Account Managers work closely with their Sales partners to execute on them and bring this new business in. 

For Socureans, it all comes back to staying curious and uncovering the potential in every challenge. Innovation begins with a mindset like Adi’s, in which trying new things and growing is how success happens. 

Katie O'Sullivan
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Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan (she/her & they/them) is a Recruiting Coordinator on the Talent team at Socure. Located in the Midwest, Katie flourishes most in dynamic, fast-moving creative environments and loves opportunities to meet new people, find new perspectives, and write to the heart's content — which is what SoCurious is all about! When free time arises, Katie enjoys reading novels and finding bookstores around the Midwest.