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Anthony Winslow

Anthony Winslow
Anthony leads Product Marketing at Socure. Previously, he was at Raise, the world's largest marketplace for retail currency. Prior to that, Anthony was a co-founder at Slide, a gift card wallet app on iOS and Android, that was acquired by Raise in 2016. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Anthony worked in business and product development at American Express
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Identity Fraud, synthetic identity, synthetic identity fraud, synthetic fraud, ppp

Federal Charges Associated with PPP Loans Uncover Elaborate Synthetic Identity Fraud

Posted by Anthony Winslow on Oct 9, 2020

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), included under the CARES Act, made available $659 billion in federal aid for small and medium-sized businesses hurt by the necessary shutdowns due to the...

Identity Proofing, Identity theft, sigma fraud score, synthetic identity fraud, synthetic fraud, prevent fraud, ML

Synthetic Fraud Q&A with Socure’s Founder & CPO Johnny Ayers

Posted by Anthony Winslow on Oct 1, 2020
Although synthetic fraud is not a new problem, this type of fraud has grown rapidly in recent years. In fact, it now has the distinction of being the fastest growing area of financial crime. In a...

Fraud Prevention, prevent fraud, stimulus dollars, COVID-19, mail theft

Stimulus Dollars and Mail Theft in the Age of Digital Banking

Posted by Anthony Winslow on Mar 23, 2020

Late last week, it was reported by multiple news outlets that the Senate is focused on crafting a broad stimulus plan to combat economic damage from the spread of COVID-19. While the plan has a...

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