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Identity Verification

At Socure we believe in amplifying human potential with data science, using technology for good, and building a future we all want to live in.



Dramatically reduce false positives and the need for manual reviews.


Dramatically Reduce Fraud

You'll see your current fraud losses plummet by more than 80%!



You’ll see your auto approval rates soar to 85-90% vs just 60-65% with your legacy provider!

Our Story

When co-founder Sunil Madhu immigrated to the states after many years in the UK and Europe, he was struck by how hard it was to get approved for basic things without an established credit history. It was as if he didn’t exist without a credit file. And he wasn’t alone.

Sunil joined the millions of people in the US who are “credit invisible,” which includes immigrants new to the country, anybody who’s ever had their identity stolen, the unbanked who may have little to no credit history, and millennials who got a late start.

As a millennial, Johnny Ayers was familiar with the unique challenges of a generation that entered the workforce during an economic crisis. Many were saddled with student loan debt and delaying the markers that once signified adulthood - like mortgages or cars.

Johnny and Sunil crossed paths at General Assembly, where they began bouncing ideas about how to solve a problem that impacts millions of people. The problem of access begins with identity. How can you verify people with no record?

The problem we solve goes far beyond the lifetime value of a new customer or avoiding the cost created by a fraudster. Socure identifies the human race so that all people can receive the full benefit of the digital economy.
Tom Thimot
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Johnny Ayers
SVP & Co-Founder
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Rhon Daguro
SVP, Sales
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Pablo Abreu
VP, Data Science
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What’s most exciting about my role here at Socure is shaping a product that will one day accurately identify every human being in the world.
Erick Soto
VP, Product
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Digital identity verification is at the very core of the digital economy; Socure has an opportunity to transform the way that business as we know it is conducted globally.
Avi Aronovitz
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We built a product that has the potential to radically change society by establishing trust in people online.
Alexandre Agular
VP, Engineering
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I was inspired to join an organization that is working on new and better ways to assess risk and increase acceptance for unbanked millennials, along with other traditionally underserved populations.
JT Gray
VP, Operations
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I learned early in my career that if you hold high expectations for people and believe in them, they will make a meaningful impact every time.
Russell Lobsenz
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I want to ensure that Socure continues to protect and handle personal information like it was my own - and how I want other companies to handle my info.
Mike Sleap
Director, Compliance
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I love the art and science of building our brand, fostering passion for our services, and telling our amazing story every day.
George Tubin
VP, Marketing
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I started Socure to turn an idea that might make a difference into reality. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Sunil Madhu
Founder Emeritus
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