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In order to achieve fast, efficient, and risk-free customer onboarding, companies need to build a holistic picture of other businesses with little upfront information. This means being able to subject potential customers to a set of regulatory requirements commonly referred to as Know Your Business (KYB). But companies must also verify the digital identity of individuals associated with the businesses using a process known as Know Your Customer (KYC).

Join Debra Geister, VP, Compliance Solutions at Socure and Dani DeLoen, Head of Operations at Middesk to discuss how this first of its kind KYC+KYB integration can provide:

  • Automated and comprehensive customer due diligence to any company that needs to onboard other businesses and their consumers
  • Insight into your customers’ risk profiles and reduced exposure to identity fraud, regulatory fines and penalties
  • Increased conversion rates by vetting hard-to-identify customers such as newly formed businesses or individuals with limited credit history


Debra Geister

Vice President, Compliance Solutions, Socure

Danielle DeLeon

Head Of Operations, Middesk

Matt Johnson

Director, Product Marketing, Socure (Moderator)

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