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The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network has seen a rapid growth in payment volumes in recent years, making ACH fraud and risk mitigation more important than ever. The fraud prevention solutions used to protect businesses and handle growing volumes need to be scalable and tailored to client needs. Our panel of experts will educate you on recent trends in ACH fraud and risk, historical coverage and stats, and provide examples of the types of bank account validation solutions and how they work together.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • NACHA’s ACH fraud prevention tools and requirements and the recent trends in ACH fraud and risk
  • ACH fraud prevention best practices for companies and their bank partners, and how large banks and startups can remain vigilant and protect themselves from fraudsters
  • how bank account verification can work seamlessly with other fraud prevention techniques to establish high confidence in ACH, wire, and real-time transactions


Eric Woodward

Senior Advisor, Consortium, Socure

Amy Morris

Senior Director, Ach Network Rules, Nacha

Rusty Pickering

President and Chief Operating Officer, Ingo Money

Watch the webinar now!

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