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In the era of evolving financial landscapes and intricate identity fraud schemes, merely checking the CIP compliance box is no longer sufficient. We delve into the strategies that go beyond the conventional approach, utilizing automated Customer Identification Programs (CIP) and Customer Onboarding methods to their full potential.

Learn how to fortify your institution’s defenses with real-world insights, case studies, and best practices that have yielded remarkable results. From refining your risk assessment strategies to streamlining CIP compliance processes, this webinar empowers compliance professionals to anticipate, adapt, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • A deep understanding of cutting-edge CIP compliance methods and how to leverage automation to enhance their effectiveness in identity fraud detection in banking and other financial fraud.
  • Actionable insights from real-world case studies that have delivered tangible results so that compliance professionals can strengthen their institution’s defenses against evolving risks
  • How to proactively adapt to the ever-evolving financial landscape and go beyond mere checkbox CIP compliance.


Joshua Blazer

Chief BSA/AML Officer, SoFi

Pravin Chandrasekaran

BSA Officer, Varo Bank

Debra Geister

VP, Compliance Solutions, Socure

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