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As crypto, blockchain, DeFi platforms, and NFTs concurrently undergo increasing adoption and regulatory scrutiny, it is crucial to maintain a balanced digital identity verification strategy. Document verification should be a standard in your workflow to support both lenient and stringent risk tolerances.

Socure’s flexible Predictive DocV solution delivers a holistic, ML-driven decision in seconds with 97% auto decisioning, to ensure robust identity fraud defenses and CIP/KYC compliance, while creating trusted relationships beginning at customer onboarding and beyond.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why a multi-layered holistic identity verification approach should be part of your customer onboarding technology stack
  • When to leverage document verification in your workflow
  • How you can benefit from a best-in-class predictive document verification solution


Joel Sacmar

Solutions Consultant, Socure

Watch the webinar now!

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