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Fun Fact: The term fintech has been around since the 1850s, starting with the introduction of transatlantic cables in 1858 and the Fed Reserve introducing FedWire to allow for electronic transfer of funds to member banks in 1918.

Nowadays, we think of fintech in terms of cryptocurrencies or startup banks that are built with disruption in mind, upending the traditional approach that the banking industry has historically supported.

Serving key demographics like Gen Z, thin file, and new-to-country unlocks company growth, and this can only be done by educating the fintech community and sharing best practices.

Learn from Socure and Helix experts in this on-demand webinar, where we’ll cover:

  • How to build embedded finance programs unique to your audience
  • How Socure and Helix partner to bring new fintechs to market quickly while meeting KYC compliance standards
  • How a graph-defined identity verification approach leads to higher auto-approvals and superior fraud prevention


Joshua Linn

VP, Product Management (Machine Learning), Socure

Ahon Sarkar

General Manager, Helix By Q2

Annie Bai

Lead Product, Privacy & Regulatory Counsel, Socure

Watch the webinar now!

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