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Delve into the intricate world of first-party fraud in this webinar crafted for prime financial services businesses. First-party fraud, or friendly fraud, is a pervasive issue causing significant financial losses due to chargeback fraud and payment defaults. Gain exclusive insights from our network analysis, providing a preview of the most comprehensive U.S. study on first-party fraud, and arm yourself with resources to start reclaiming your revenue.

Topics include:

  • Key indicators of first-party fraud
  • In-depth knowledge of first-party fraud personas and their tactics
  • The latest technology innovation for detecting and preventing first-party fraud
  • Collaborative approach that the leading financial institutions are taking to effectively combat the first-party fraud problem


Ori Snir

Senior Director, Product Management, Socure

Yigit Yildirim

SVP & GM, Fraud & Risk Solutions, Socure

Watch the webinar now!

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