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2024 is shaping up to be another pivotal year in identity verification for the public sector. As all levels of government continue to deal with issues of access and security, digital identity has become integral to service delivery. The public sector needs to continue to prioritize digital identity through major investments to improve equitable access, prevent fraud, and enhance the customer experience in 2024.

Socure has put together 10 predictions for where digital identity is heading next year. Ranging from public policy initiatives to biometric efforts and new technologies, we lay out a vision for 2024 and how government agencies can tackle these problems head-on with next-generation digital identity. Issues with slow identity verification and persistent fraud are urgent and have a noticeable impact on everyday life. Government need to make a change.

Read our Digital Identity Predictions Insights Brief and get in touch with Socure to learn how the public sector can greatly improve service delivery.

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