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From Apple to Visa to PayPal to Capital One: Giants in the payments and banking field have set their sights on the burgeoning BNPL market. What does this mean for established BNPL incumbents, who suddenly have to throw elbows with the biggest names in the industry?

In the hyper-growth BNPL field, competitive differentiation needs to be a part of every decision. And this is especially true when choosing an identity verification and fraud prediction solution.

In this BNPL-specific buyer’s guide, you’ll get the tools to evaluate what you need in an identity verification and fraud prediction platform, so you can confidently select the best solution to both protect you from fraud risk and empower your business growth and scalability.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the BNPL market is suddenly getting more crowded—and how to proactively get ahead of some of the biggest new names entering the arena
  • The three strategic use cases to look for when evaluating your identity verification and fraud prediction strategies
  • How to analyze your current system against proven best practices (and the steps to take if you come up short of where you’d like to be)

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