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INCLINE VILLAGE, NV– Jan. 26, 2022 – Socure, the leading provider of digital identity verification and fraud solutions, has won IDC’s Best in Future of Trust Award, based on the transformative results that Socure provided popular investing platform in balancing fraud risk, customer friction, and regulatory compliance. Socure is the first and only identity verification and fraud solution to win this award.

IDC analysts recognized how the relationship has been a winning venture for the investment app, fueling a 30% reduction in manual review costs and an approximately 15% increase in’s enterprise value, while optimizing’s ability to auto-approve all good applicants, meet complex regulatory and legal requirements, and provide robust fraud management.

“Socure’s identity verification and fraud prediction solution is a major component of our success,” said Stephen Sikes, COO of “Our goal was to positively verify as many applicants’ identities as possible to keep up with skyrocketing consumer demand, while staying within regulatory rules and reasonable fraud management. Socure provides industry expertise, unmatched coverage and scope of the data, and an innovative approach to the underlying logic calibration, without having to compromise between fraud mitigation, regulatory compliance, and consumer delight.”

IDC analysts gave the winning award based on how Socure transformed’s ability to positively identify and onboard applicants. According to Sikes, Socure also provided with “an enormous reduction in manual reviews of identities, with a roughly 30% reduction in manual costs associated with onboarding new applicants. We were able to save significant personnel power and use their skills in more strategic ways.”

Socure was also critical to’s mission to drive inclusivity in investing: “Socure’s role is instrumental to’s stated mission to make the public markets work for all people, and our vision to help people be better investors,” added Sikes.  “Trust and verification are essential to building and empowering an inclusive, active, and diverse community of investors.”

While legacy vendors continue to be challenged with poor identity coverage, low accuracy, false rejects, manual reviews, and less than 80% customer approval rates with friction, Socure’s graph-based identity verification solution is designed for modern day challenges and demographics. It delivers up to 98% frictionless auto-approvals, unmatched coverage, and industry-leading data quality to achieve better compliance and unlock business and customer growth.

The Future of Trust award is based on outstanding results according to these criteria:

  • Ability to create and implement strategies and structured approaches to building trust
  • Effective risk assessment (visibility) & management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Proactive privacy
  • Ethics, and social responsibility
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Transparency (good governance)

“The average loss from consumers who are victims of identity fraud runs in tens of billions of dollars, making robust identity verification an utmost important consideration for all organizations, especially those operating in highly regulated industries,” said Amita Potnis, Research Director, Future of Trust at IDC. “ has displayed effective and efficient user verification and onboarding to improve customer loyalty. In doing so the company has made financial investments more accessible through technology for its customers.”

“Our results with are indicative of what we see across our entire customer base,” said Johnny Ayers, founder and CEO of Socure.  “Enterprises of all sizes rely on Socure not just for identity verification, compliance, and fraud protection, but most importantly for growing their business. We’re excited that a premier market intelligence firm like IDC recognizes what over one thousand of our customers already know: Socure provides revenue-driving identity verification and fraud prevention results that far outpace any other vendor in the industry.”

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