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Alternative Data, ‘Digital Exhaust’ Provide Key Insights to Better Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity Verification

Socure is the sponsor of the “Future of Payments Fraud Summit” at the conference, where Madhu and other top executives from industry-leading firms such as the Federal Reserve Bank, Visa, and USAA will discuss ways for financial institutions to:

  • Mitigate against new vulnerabilities in digital payments;
  • Explore the next generation of authentication and find the balance between security and customer experience; and
  • Solve key risk management issues across the enterprise.

The BAI Payments Connect conference focuses exclusively on empowering payments leaders to make smart business decisions with an unbiased, 360° view of payments fraud, strategy and operations to drive positive change in their organizations.Socure Digital Identity Verification at BAI Payments Connect 2016

“We are delighted to open the discussion about innovating the way financial institutions look at digital identity verification,” Madhu said. “Digital identity has become a cornerstone of interacting with consumers. As more accounts are born and primarily reside online, fraud prevention is paramount–yet market forces dictate that processes be intelligent and low-friction to serve current customers and onboard new ones quickly.”

Socure and its flagship ID+™ digital identify verification solution leverage the Socure Social Biometrics Platform for real-time authentication. ID+ helps institutions resolve identities and comply with regulatory requirements for KYC/CIP and AML/OFAC, providing validation of all dimensions of a consumer’s digital identity, enabling them to optimize manual reviews and sharply reduce online fraud.  ID+ delivers real-time intelligence that can be used in automated decisioning to increase conversion rates, for fraud mitigation to reduce losses and improve false positives, and to meet regulatory requirements.

In addition, Socure recently became the first digital identity verification solution in the market with a completed SOC 2 report, an internationally recognized auditing standard created by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Socure’s compliance with SOC 2 Type 1 ensures that Socure is ready to meet the stringent governance and compliance constraints of financial institutions worldwide, more quickly and with faster and with greater accuracy than previously possible.

Find Socure in the expo hall at booth #209. CEO Sunil Madhu will be a part of the panel discussion on Tuesday, March 8th at 1:30pm entitled “Combatting Payments Fraud through Enhanced Tools and Technology,”

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