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The Socure team is excited to announce the launch of Sigma V4, our integrated end-to-end identity fraud suite. After 10+ years of culminated research, we are the first fraud prevention provider to be able to verify and solve for over 99% of identity fraud at less than 5% review rates. This is a first in the industry.

The 10+ years of research has led to the development of tens of thousands of features across every single dimension of a consumer’s identity, enabling us to once and for all solve identity fraud. Solving for false positive reduction, solving for identity fraud capture rates, solving for optimizing manual review, and helping our customers maximize user experience, maximize revenue, and minimize fraud losses, all at the same time.

Sigma v4 is the first fully integrated, in-house developed fraud prevention solution that fuses hundreds of data points, all at the same time, from data sources, but also from all of our network data, velocity, device, and behavioral intelligence data, all into one single score that gets returned in less than 150 milliseconds with five nines uptime.

Some of the reasons I’m incredibly excited about the Sigma V4 and end-to-end fraud launch is that for many years all of our customers have used an email vendor, a phone vendor, an IP, a device vendor. No one in the market today has brought together all dimensions of a consumer’s identity in a single machine learning model.

This ability to feature-engineer 30,000+ variables across a system, across every single dimension, whether it’s good, bad, high risk, low risk, and then applying billions of rows of known outcomes is what we’ve accomplished with the launch of Sigma v4.