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[Last updated June 2023]

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Socure is committed to protecting personal privacy, which includes the security of Personal Information that we hold and use. This Candidate and Employee Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) covers the collection and use of Personal Information we collect and process of our job recruits and job applicants (our “candidates”), as well as our employees. If you have questions, or wish to exercise your legal privacy rights, please use our Data Rights form or email us at  As it pertains to requests to correct and/or delete your Personal Information, Socure shall make good faith efforts to correct and/or delete such Personal Information and shall instruct applicable third parties with whom it has disclosed such Personal Information, unless such correction and/or deletion is not feasible, is unduly burdensome, and/or violates applicable law.

This Privacy Notice is not a contract and does not create any legal rights or obligations. This Privacy Notice also is not intended to replace other notices or disclosures we may provide to you in connection with your application for a job or your role in our organization, which will supersede any conflicting disclosures contained in this Privacy Notice.

What is Personal Information?

When we use the term “Personal Information” in this Privacy Notice, we mean information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, to you within the context of you acting as a job candidate or employee. It does not include aggregated or de-identified information that is maintained in a form that is not capable of being associated with or reasonably linked to you.

Our Collection of Personal Information

During the recruiting process, when you apply for a job with us, and if you become an employee, we collect Personal Information about you, which may include without limitation:

• Identifiers, such as your full name, email address, home address and telephone number, professional and educational information.

• Characteristics of protected classifications under applicable federal, state, or local law, such as age, race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or accommodation request, or marital or veteran status, or any other protected category, when you choose to provide it.

• Professional History & Qualifications, such as your previous employers, positions and work experience, professional licenses, certificates or other qualifications, and employment references or referrals.

• Educational History & Qualifications, such as your highest level of education, the schools you attended and when you were in attendance, degrees, certificates, or other educational qualifications you earned, and your transcripts or educational references.

• Financial Information, such as salary, bonus, benefits, 401(k), expenses, and equity grants, or to the extent required by law.

• Other Application and Interview Information, such as any personal information or technical assessment results you choose to provide to us in your interview or application, CV, resume, transcripts, or other supporting documentation.

• I-9 Information, such as your I-9 form, visas, and other information and documentation required to verify your eligibility to lawfully work in the United States.

• Background Checks, such as the summary and/or actual results of your background check conducted in accordance with Socure’s policy and practice, as well as applicable law.

• Performance, such as reviews, performance evaluations, written warnings, discipline, and promotions.

• Time Off, such as prior, current, or future paid time off, medical leaves of absence, or other leaves of absence or time off.

• Termination, such as separation and other off-boarding related documentation.

Our Sources of Personal Information

Although we often collect the Personal Information described above directly from you, we may also collect certain information from references, recruiters, job-related social media sites (such as LinkedIn), and publicly available sources. In addition, we may also collect this information through service providers and other third parties that collect it on our behalf, such as communications providers, scheduling providers, application providers, and background check providers.

Our Uses of Personal Information

We, and our approved service providers, use the Personal Information we collect during the recruiting process, when you apply for a job with us, and as part of your employment only as reasonably necessary for our business purposes.  Such business purposes include to:

identify you as a potential candidate and review your application for a position with us;

verify the information provided to us in connection with your application or received from other sources;

determine your eligibility and suitability for the potential position or other opportunities with us;

facilitate the recruiting and interview process;

communicate with you about the status of your application or other opportunities with us that may be of interest to you;

assess and improve the performance and success of our recruiting and hiring process;

offer you employment with Socure;

onboard you as a Socure employee and ensure you may receive compensation, benefits, and equity awards associated with your employment;

undertaking activities to verify or maintain the quality or safety of a service or device that is owned, manufactured, manufactured for, or controlled by Socure; 

to improve, upgrade, or enhance the service or device that is owned, manufactured, manufactured for, or controlled by Socure;

help ensure security and integrity to the extent the use of your personal information is reasonably necessary and proportionate for those purposes;

fulfill contractual obligations to you and other third parties; and

comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, legal proceedings and government investigations, including relating to tax reporting and immigration matters.

Characteristics of protected classifications under applicable federal, state, and/or local law are used only to understand and analyze the distribution of applicants and employees and are not considered in interview or employment decisions such as hiring or promotions, unless specifically permitted or required by law.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

The Personal Information described above is regularly disclosed, including within the past twelve months, only to those third-party service providers retained by Socure for the discrete purposes set forth herein, and will be retained for no longer than is reasonably necessary for the disclosed business purpose.  Neither Socure, nor its service providers (which include, without limitation, human resources information systems, Internet application tracking tools, background checks providers, immigration support, payroll and benefits providers, equity platforms, and performance management tools), sells your Personal Information. Similarly, Socure does not share your Personal Information for cross-context behavioral advertising.

From time to time, for business purposes, Socure may also need to disclose your Personal Information to the following third parties:

professional advisors, such as lawyers, auditors, bankers and insurers, where necessary in the course of the professional services that they render to us; 

a court of law, arbitral tribunal, law enforcement agency or other third party, where required or otherwise permitted by law; or

a third party as part of a business transaction such as a merger or acquisition.

Socure does not interview or employ individuals under 18 years of age, and as such, does not have any actual knowledge that it sells or shares personal information belonging to a minor.