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We are rethinking identity verification, fraud detection and prevention, especially as social networks and mobile devices impact global commerce to create a reputational economy. If you are a phenomenal problem solver looking for cutting-edge technical and business challenges with a team of experienced professionals, start-up geeks, and game-changers, we look forward to hearing from you!

Job Openings


Non-Employee Referral Program

They get hired. You get paid.

If you know someone who’s a great fit for one of our open roles, make an intro! If you qualify under our non-employee referral program, we'll pay you a $1,500 award after your referral has been hired and on-the-job for 90 days. It’s that simple!

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Benefits & Perks

Health Care with Dental and Vision

A healthy co-worker is a happy co-worker. :)

Gym Membership

You can do as many pushups and situps at the office as you want!

Unlimited Vacation

Socure wants you to work extremely hard but also take time away to solve difficult problems and relax.

Bike Friendly

We are a bike-friendly bunch. Don't forget your helmet!


You tell us what you want to work on, we'll work to make it happen.

Close-knit Team

A big part of our profession is about helping, educating, and influencing. We must never forget that.

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