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We are rethinking identity verification, fraud detection and prevention, especially as social networks and mobile devices impact global commerce to create a reputational economy. If you are a phenomenal problem solver looking for cutting-edge technical and business challenges with a team of experienced professionals, start-up geeks, and game-changers, we look forward to hearing from you!

Job Openings


Non-Employee Referral Program

They get hired. You get paid.

If you know someone who’s a great fit for one of our open roles, make an intro! If you qualify under our non-employee referral program, we'll pay you a $1,500 award after your referral has been hired and on-the-job for 90 days. It’s that simple!

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Benefits & Perks

Health Care with Dental and Vision

A healthy co-worker is a happy co-worker. :)

Unlimited Vacation

Socure wants you to work extremely hard but also take time away to solve difficult problems and relax.

Bike Friendly

We are a bike-friendly bunch. Don't forget your helmet!

Close-Knit Team

A big part of our profession is about helping, educating, and influencing. We must never forget that.

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