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Five Ways Banks Can Tackle Millennial Skepticism

Posted by Johnny Ayers on Nov 4, 2016 6:50:00 PM

 Generation Y is a key target demographic for financial institutions, but what can they do to appeal to skeptical millennials. (originally posted in TechCrunch)

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The Digital Identity Tracker

Posted by Michael Hiskey on Aug 11, 2016 3:53:00 PM

The August edition of the Digital Identity Tracker brings with it a revised scoring and ranking model, as well as a host of updates that better focus our monthly collaboration with PYMNTS.com.

You can download it for youself from pymnts.com; this blog talks a bit more about the process and what's coming next! 

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What inspired us to start Socure

Posted by Michael Hiskey on Jul 21, 2016 11:46:06 AM

We're often asked why we started Socure. While you can find some of that in a short video explaining Socure (see below), it seemed more than time we shared it here in our blog!  

Socure started with the idea that Social Media could be brought to bear (Social + Security = Socure), our offerings have grown to include a breadth of online and offline data that builds a complete picture of an individual's digital identity. 

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Our team is constantly sharing what we've learned from years of security, financial technology, fraud risk mitigation and identity verification.  Here, we share our latest thinking that elates to everything in and around Socure, the financial technology industry, KYC, AML, CIP, Fraud and Compliance! 

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