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Socure’s digital identity verification solutions can provide immediate benefits to any business transacting with consumers in the digital world. Socure’s clients span multiple industries, including some of the largest and fastest-growing providers across banking, card issuing, lending, e-commerce, alternative payments,
payroll, and other industries.

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Fraudulent loan applications continue to plague online lenders. Unfortunately, fraud protections tools such as credit bureau identity verification and device identification approaches fall short in identifying criminal activity. Device identification may provide some benefit to returning customers, but are ineffective for validating new prospects.

eCommerce & Payments

Online merchants and payment providers are under constant pressure to increase sales and expand their customer base. Accepting new online customers, however, is highly risky.


Financial services institutions are increasingly looking to the digital channels to acquire new customers. A large and growing portion of new bank customers tend to be millennials, who comprise over one-quarter of the global population and are now the largest demographic segment in the United States.

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