The Socure Team

Engineers, Data Scientists, Visionaries

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The Socure Team

People are at the heart of everything we do at Socure. From our headquarters near Union Square in New York City, we're building the next generation of digital identity verification using the latest technologies.

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Reduce Fraud Costs

Socure consistently improves fraud capture rates for enterprises whether used exclusively or in conjunction with existing fraud models. In addition to saving money because of direct fraud expenses, Socure also lowers the indirect costs of fraud, such as fines, chargeback costs and reputation loss.

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Increase User Acceptance

Companies using Socure experience fewer false positives on legitimate accounts. These include people considered under- and un-banked, as well as many users in the key 18–35 age demographic — a segment comprising more than half of the global population.

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Know Your Customer Socially

Socure enables larger institutions to go beyond standard Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and procedures with the enhancement of social network information. Organizations using Socure can socially confirm customers and enhance non-repudiation for required identity verification programs, including OFAC and AML checks.

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About Us

At Socure, we develop innovative, cost-effective ways to mitigate identity fraud risks for financial institutions. Hailing from companies like Western Union, IBM, Cisco, Capital One Bank,, CashEdge, Computer Associates, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Citigroup, our team brings together experience in big data, enterprise security, ID verification, risk and fraud prevention as well as social media.

Leadership Team

Identity Verification - Sunil CEO Security

Sunil Madhu

CEO & Founder
Johnny - Cofounder FinTech Expert Fraud Prevention

Johnny Ayers

SVP & Co-Founder
Andy Krikorian Online Fraud Prediction

Andy Krikorian

VP, Sales

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