Remote Facial Biometrics: Perceive


Perceive is built on top of the Socure Social Biometrics Platform, taking advantage of the facial recognition component of the entity resolution process. It enables any institution to overlay basic customer information with a picture of the user to be verified.

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Remote Facial Biometrics 

Socure has long used facial recognition as part of the identity resolution process for our Social Biometrics platformTM.  PerceieveTM is our patented extension to enable real-time transaction verification using only your face. Leveraging the same trusted online and social media data verified by the platform, Perceive avoids complicated and time-consuming training processes typically associated with facial recognition systems. Employing a straightfoward SDK that can be added to mobile or web applications easily, it activies front-facing camera on standard smartphones to instantly recognize facial features and confirm that users are who they say they are.

Combat Account Takeover

Good multi-factor authentication combines something you have (like your smartphone), something you know (like your name and phone number) and something you are (your face!).  Until now, biometric authentication required extensive training. With Perceive, guarding against accouny take-overs is as easy as taking a "selife".  

Secure Transaction Authentication

In addition to adding better security to any on-boarding process, Perceive is ideal for validating high-value, high-risk transactions in real time. Perceive includes a front-end Software Development Kit (SDK) that can easily embed into existing web or mobile applications, and be called on to launch an authentication based to a mobile device in real-time.