Socure has partnered with Microsoft to provide remote identity verification during onboarding for individuals accessing decentralized IDs as part of the new Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Verifiable Credentials program. Socure is supporting the program with safe, low-friction, and highly accurate identity verification for companies’ issuance of digitally verifiable credentials.


Socure’s industry-leading document verification solution, DocV, is the only document verification solution with a multi-dimensional view of an identity that includes checks across all identity elements, including ensuring the device used to complete the verification belongs to the individual asserting the identity.

User Friendly: DocV, guides individuals through an automated and easy-to-use document and photo capture process on their handheld device to capture a high-quality image of their physical ID and match it to a selfie in as little as ten seconds.

Unmatched Accuracy: Using advanced analytics and computer vision, DocV can quickly confirm the authenticity of over 3,500 global government-issued documents and match to a selfie to improve auto-decisioning rates.

Easy Deployment: Quick implementation via an API call as well as web and native mobile app SDKs and a no-code customization dashboard.

Best-in-Class Image Recognition: DocV’s advanced image capture technology with frame alignment, perspective fixes, and quality and liveness checks is proven to dramatically improve auto-acceptance rates.

DocV is part of Socure's comprehensive ID+ platform that features the industry-leading Sigma Fraud suite, compliance suite, and modules for device, email, phone, address risk scores.