Upgrade Your KYC.

  • Increase your overall customer approval
    rates by 15-40%
  • Increase your 18-23-year-old customer
    approval rates 20-40%
  • Trusted by 4 out of the 5 largest banks
  • Trusted by 7 out of the 10 largest card issuers

Deploy the industry-leading CIP solution to achieve up to 98% frictionless auto-approvals and unmatched coverage and data quality—unlocking customer growth while bolstering compliance.

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Upgrade Your KYC with
World-Class Identity Verification.

The largest enterprises with the most stringent regulations—4 out of 5 top banks and 7 of 10 top card issuers—have upgraded to Socure KYC, built on three core pillars:

Multi-Dimensional View of Identity

Broader coverage for better accuracy

  • eCBSV
  • Streaming & Cable
  • Credit Bureau
  • Utility
  • Telco
  • Military Lending Act
  • Higher-Education
  • 200+ Authoritative
    Data Sources

AdvancedAI & ML Technology

Smarter and faster
resolution and decisions

  • Automated Data Ingestion
    & Identity Composition
  • Pioneering ML for
    Identity Clustering
  • Advanced Logic for
    Query Resolution
  • Real-Time Responses

Comprehensive Population Coverage

Unlock new markets
and customers

  • Thin-File & Credit Invisible
  • Gen Z & Millennial
  • New-to-Country
  • Mainstream


Increased a top online gaming operator's auto-acceptance by over 7%, generating millions of new customers.


Increased a top-tier online brokerage's auto-acceptance by over 10%, generating millions of new customers.