Chime Switched to Socure to Increase Auto Approval Rates, Decrease Friction

Co-founders Chris Britt and Ryan King launched leading US Challenger Bank, Chime, in 2013 to make banking better
for all consumers by helping its members avoid bank fees,
save money automatically, and achieve financial peace of

Early on, Chime worked with IDology for their digital identity verification services. As Chime grew, they found that only 62%
of new account applicants were being auto-verified during the application process. Because many of Chime’s applicants are younger millennial customers, they don’t have the credit history that has traditionally been used to identify new clients by legacy service providers like IDology.

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Grow Your Business

Increase current auto-accept rates by more than 20%


Cut Fraud

Reduce current fraud losses by more than 80%


Streamline Review Processes

Reduce manual review time (KBA) by more than 75%