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Inquisitiveness is an intrinsic value at Socure, and we’re always learning more about what makes our team members tick. Our SoCurious blog series will explore how we’re working together to eliminate identity fraud, and highlight the many people essential to driving growth, innovation, and our unique culture at Socure.

We’re SoCurious about: Kim Lytle, Sales Director (New York Metropolitan Region)

Kim Lytle

Career journey

As a kid, Kim’s dad would always say “Nothing in the world happens unless a sale is made.” Although she resisted the idea at first, her dad planted a seed that would later sprout into a career of developing relationships and building business. Kim went on to major in political science, but a job opportunity as an ad sales rep at the University of Maryland College Park’s newspaper started her on a different career trajectory. Her experience connecting with large and small businesses to sell ad space in college led to a professional role in sales during the internet boom, followed by high tech, startups, and later to AI and data analytics.

Why Socure

Socure’s entrepreneurial spirit, quality of product, and people fueled Kim’s decision to join the organization. Kim says that she ‘gelled immediately’ with Socure’s Chief Revenue Officer Rhon Daguro. A great conversation with Rhon about enterprise selling, combined with her interest in Socure’s culture and product, were the sparks that ignited her journey with the company.

“I genuinely want to enjoy the people and be excited about the product and services I am bringing to market. When I was ready to make a change, I knew this was what I wanted to pursue.”

Impact and collaboration

Kim’s main objective as a Sales Director is to expand Socure’s customer base and drive revenue— and while growth is her focus, she loves being able to demonstrate the value of Socure’s powerful solutions to her prospective customers.

“Socure is unique in that we can show (not just tell) a prospective customer the power of our product as it relates to a business need. Results are powerful, and not all companies can prove their value the way we can.”

She also notes that teamwork & collaboration are a cornerstone of her role, and that there are very few cross-functional teams in which she doesn’t partner with regularly. Even as Socure grows, she still finds that there is great camaraderie across all areas of the company.

“I have never been turned away when asking for support. The spirit of teamwork is something that I love about my role in sales and about Socure as a whole.”

Growth and opportunity

Kim characterizes Socure as an organization that provides endless opportunities for anyone who takes initiative. The nature of a startup is that evolution is constant; structure continues to form while processes are refined and optimized. Socure’s leadership welcomes ideas from any employee who wishes to contribute. She feels empowered to identify ways to leverage her experience, even beyond the scope of her role.

”Those who prefer an environment defined by structure may be uncomfortable in a start-up setting, but I like it. I have the ability to raise my hand if I see a gap, and take initiative to fill it. Socure is the kind of organization where opportunities can be created by employees themselves, not just from the top down.”

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Shannon Barnett

Shannon Barnett

Shannon Barnett is part of Socure's People team, and is passionate about talent acquisition and operations. She finds deep gratification connecting people and opportunities, and developing meaningful partnerships inside growing organizations.