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As the world’s leader in digital identity verification, Socure thrives because of its driven, ambitious teams who foster an environment of collaboration and ownership. For Diane Heilman, Socure’s Senior Director of Enterprise Account Management (EAM), the drive to consistently exceed expectations and claim ownership of both problems and solutions comes naturally, as does selfless collaboration. Her ability to embody Socure’s principle, “Act Like the Owner You Are,” stems from a lifelong commitment to personal and professional drive and perseverance.

Diane has a deeply rooted competitive spirit and work ethic, which was passed down by her parents, who built their own construction business from scratch. Starting a business is not for the faint of heart, but Diane’s parents created a thriving company while remaining equal business partners.

These opportunities for collaboration were rare, especially at a time when gender roles were more defined – and limiting for some. Diane especially remembers that her mother was determined to “persevere, like she didn’t have a choice.” While raising two daughters, Diane’s mother and father invested incredible energy and effort in their business, working “really hard, sometimes 5 AM to midnight,” all with Diane’s and her sister’s futures in mind.

Her parents’ drive and commitment to making their business succeed meant that they could put Diane and her sister through college. This attitude of not giving up despite the odds was a theme throughout Diane’s childhood, as her mother even coached them in multiple sports, including soccer and softball, and went to every single game.

Her mother’s drive to persevere made a particularly lasting impact on Diane. Being a female leader in finance is no easy feat. Diane notes, “In the financial services world, it is still unfortunately very male dominated. It is very common to walk into a room and sit at a table where you’re one of only two females.”

Diane’s intense focus on ownership has led her and the Enterprise Account Management (EAM) team to set new standards in the field. “Always striving for excellence” is her team’s mantra, as they’re “maniacally focused on articulating the value of Socure to anyone and everyone.” This evangelistic approach to customer relationship management and expansion means that Diane and her team have to cultivate a drive to win.

Competing to win is in a Socurean’s DNA, and Diane and the EAM crew are no different. As a leader, Diane recognizes that constructive criticism and positive feedback are crucial to encouraging a competitive champion’s mentality among her EAM team members. It’s essential to note that winning, in Diane’s book, is a team sport—her team’s focus on ownership hits the sweet spot between taking individual responsibility and going all-in on selfless collaboration. Diane notes that, across Socure, the management teams have been very intentional about “encouraging and getting people to do their best work,” which she in turn cultivates in her own management style.

Diane’s personal career growth at Socure illustrates that taking ownership—someone raising their hand and leaning into the space—is recognized and rewarded. Diane was promoted to Senior Director of Enterprise AM within her first year at Socure, and she still carries the same attitude of independent yet collaborative innovation that focuses on not just her own career growth, but the growth of her team. At her core, Diane wants to see her team succeed and grow in the direction that she did.

It all comes down to Socure’s culture of staying hungry and taking dynamic ownership of your work. As Diane puts it, “Today’s today. What are you going to do today? We always need to be moving forward and moving in a direction where we’re accomplishing things every day. You can not have a day where you just sit back and be like today, I’m just going to let things come to me.

Right? Like you’ve got to constantly go for it every day.”

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Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan

Katie O'Sullivan (she/her & they/them) is a Recruiting Coordinator on the Talent team at Socure. Located in the Midwest, Katie flourishes most in dynamic, fast-moving creative environments and loves opportunities to meet new people, find new perspectives, and write to the heart's content — which is what SoCurious is all about! When free time arises, Katie enjoys reading novels and finding bookstores around the Midwest.