This week I’ve been preparing slides for our year-end Board of Directors meeting. After 30 years in high tech and in my fourth high tech CEO role, I have seen my peers cringe as they look for something positive to include on their dreaded diversity slide. I have never dreaded talking about diversity, I have always relished talking about it. This year at Socure, our diversity board slide reads as follows:

Reflecting upon a year where we doubled in size, I am proud to share some simple facts:

  • In 2019, 65% of the team we hired in the United States 🇺🇸 was either female, a minority, or both.socure_team_multi
  • Today, 51% of our total U.S. employee base is either female, a minority, or both.
  • 50% of CEO direct reports are minority or female. We continue to expand leadership diversity.
  • 22 languages are spoken at Socure.
  • Every major religion is represented at Socure.
  • The LGBTQ community is well represented at Socure.
  • Education levels ranging from high school graduates to PhDs (in both private & public schools) are represented at Socure.
  • Employment prior to Socure varies from nuclear physicists to teachers to everything in between.

As parents of three daughters, my wife and I look forward to a day when diversity slides in board decks are unnecessary as diversity will be ubiquitous in the workforce. Until that day, Socure will foster a community that celebrates diversity.

At Socure, we will continue to build this rich community by ensuring that our people policies reflect the needs of families of all kinds, including any-gender parental leave, domestic partnership benefits and specialized care for a wide variety of health needs. We believe that solid benefits create a safe and secure environment as well as a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Simply put, a healthy and supported community will draw a wealth of talent from every background.

At a time when weekly articles assail Silicon Valley and the broader tech sector for a lack of diversity, we are proud to celebrate it. We believe it takes diversity to understand and predict diversity in identity. Our machine learning algorithms rely on diverse data signals to accurately predict a person’s identity.  The diverse backgrounds of our data science team members helps them to better diversify our data sources, machine learning features and predictive analytics models. Furthermore, our models need to be void of bias, and few people understand bias better than those that have been subject to it.

We believe a diverse team is one of the biggest reasons that Socure has become the single source of trusted identity verification in the United States. The accuracy of our models (measured in Area Under the Curve) now exceeds 97%. Many of our customers will attest that we have virtually eliminated identity fraud and saved them tens of millions of dollars. Others will attest that we have increased their auto approvals as much as 30% and generated tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue. Put simply, diversity is not a feel-good bullet on a slide or must have on the "About Us" section on the website. Diversity is a competitive differentiator.


A large part of our success in recruiting the best and most diverse talent to join Socure is due to the efforts of Lou and Sean, our recruiting leaders. They not only understand identity and artificial intelligence, they understand the diverse culture we are striving to create at Socure. If you value diversity and want to work with the best, most capable team in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, apply to work at Socure today. We are hiring across the USA and in Chennai, India.


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Tom Thimot

Tom Thimot

Tom is an executive leader with decades of experience at public and private technology companies that have defined or redefined markets in social, mobile, predictive analytics, digital identity, cloud analytics and security. He has a wealth of CEO and Board of Director experience in venture backed and publicly traded companies. Tom prides himself on leading from the front and helping clients to change their business model by providing innovative software that leverages machine learning and data science. Business experience spans six continents with high tech leaders based in Silicon Valley, New York City and around the globe.

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