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Leading in Digital Identity – It takes a village; that village needs people!

If you’ve got phenomenal talent, and want just a touch of the hipster office vibe, without all of the attitude that comes with it, we’ve got the job for you. Socure is tackling generational problems that make the financial system more accessible for the un-banked and under-banked masses in the US and around the world. All from right here in New York City.

There’s an API for that

Fin-Tech, 2016. It’s not about web 2.0 (or event 3.0) and the next photo sharing app, but using all of that tech that has hit the market, both open source and proprietary, financial institutions are still buying the most innovative tech in the world. At Socure, we have taken everything about online and social media data, added the next generation of multi-factor authentication, and joined the legion of start-ups that are changing the way millenials use money.

Digital Identity Verification SOC 2Millenials

If you’re sub-35, chances are you’ve hardly ever been inside a bank branch – and you’re not going anytime soon. You can pay anything from your phone, open new accounts, check stocks, and keep track of how you managed to drop $175 on a Tuesday morning (seriously – what?) without leaving your couch. You’ve not booted up your laptop in days.

Office Space

We see an office as a place where smart people come together because it’s easier to share the whiteboard that way. We work too many hours, or not enough – depending on the week, which big financial institution is about to close a deal and needs a new feature or change to a contract, and the dev release calendar. Our CEO is technical – he can code his ass off, even after happy hour, and often until it’s light out again. We’re in New York. We love New York. We’re not leaving New York. We’re a bit dubious of San Fran, but visit often. There’s the usual ping pong and open plan and too much noise (where are my Bose headphones?), but not so much so that you’re over it in a week.


We’re growing fast, as you’d imagine. Clients drive that, as in serious B2B enterprises paying us real money. They’re also super demanding, required “five nines” reliability, and don’t choose new technology on a whim. So our stuff needs to work, or big companies with lots of customers lose money. We don’t let that happen.


We need to grow every area of the business. Engineers, Data Scientists, and Developers – sure. If you’ve got your Git on, and think in Scala, Python and Java – we need you. You wrote an algorithm in R to predict the length of the line outside of Star Wars premiers all over the city, so you can pick the best one. You’re our person!

We need Suits to go with all of these hoodies!

We start with technology, but we’re also growing a real, grown-up business. So today, we are looking for a CFO to keep us on track with burn, taxes, structuring deals, contracts, etc. Administrative and operations professionals should ‘get’ how to pitch in where hands are needed, and we’re looking for those as well. Quality relationship management executives “pay the bills”, or rather get us more clients who do – and we’re looking for them at VP and senior professional levels with strong background in the payments space. Finally, marketing leads our strategy to build our global brand and assure that those who need to know who we are get it – so we’re adding a mid-senior professional marketing manager as well.

Come on in

We’re looking for the right candidates. We won’t waste your time if it’s not a fit. We want the best and brightest, but we’re not afraid to train you into the superstar you can be. We LOVE to promote from within, so if you’ve got your eye on one of those Director jobs, you better be ready to take on the VP role in a year (if you’re ready). We pay well—but don’t think it’s Goldman Sachs money here, you should be willing to trade off that fat salary for some equity.

We’re building something great. Want to be a part of it? Check out the positions we have available at

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Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online/offline data intelligence from email, phone, address, IP, device, velocity, and the broader internet to verify identities in real time.