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While working remotely may be the ‘new normal’ for most, it’s been a pretty seamless transition for the Socure team, as it has always been a ‘norm’ for some of us.

With employees who live and work from Nova Scotia, India, Alaska and beyond, Socure has truly mastered the art of long-distance relationships. Together, as one team, we continue to fight fraud during these turbulent times.

Regardless of our whereabouts, protecting our clients against identity fraud has (and always will be) our number one priority. I thoroughly enjoyed e-interviewing several of our employees while producing this video to learn more about how life has (or hasn’t) changed for them over the past few weeks. Here are some interesting comments that I collected during the making of the video:

“I’ve worked from home for the last three years, so this is pretty normal for me! While it does pose some unique challenges, working remotely allows me to better focus on difficult, more technical tasks.”

– Lukas Bernat, Senior DevOps Engineer (Arizona, USA)

“Working from home every day is definitely a unique experience for me. One of my favorite parts of being in the office is getting to meet our new employees during the onboarding process…but with the help of my amazing team, I’ve been able to successfully welcome & onboard several new team members remotely!

– Michelle Tovar, People Operations Coordinator (New York, USA)

“I’m using this opportunity to stay back and have some quality time with my family…but at the same time I’m missing my team very badly. Being in People Operations, I alwaylike to be with the people of Socure, talking and spending time with them.”

– Ambika Srinivasan, Manager, People Operations & Culture (Chennai, India)

“I live in Alaska and typically travel to the New York office about once or twice a year. I’ve been working remotely for over 10 years… I find it fantastic!

– Scott Pustay, Senior Director, DevOps (Alaska, USA)

“Socure has always believed that the work you do in the office can be done from your home, if that’s the environment you’re most comfortable in. Technology has come a really long way so there are several tools we can leverage to ensure that we always have clear communication with each other.”

– Deepanker Saxena, Senior Manager, Product (Chennai, India)

Personally, I’m counting down the days until I can break free from my Midtown Manhattan apartment and get back into the office with my colleagues. But amidst all the craziness, I’m incredibly thankful that we can all continue to fight identity fraud from the comfort of our homes or…anywhere, really!

From our employees to yours, Socure stands with you.

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Emma Cross

Emma Cross

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