Big Data and Digital Identity Verification

What’s New in ID+ Version 2.5

Over the past two years, Socure has redefined electronic identity verification with alternative data from trusted online and social media information. In version 2.5, we have upped the game with tremendous enhancements to both our SOC-2 Certified Social Biometrics platform and our ID+ APIs.

To do this, ID+ now returns more data than ever before. More data sources, more detailed and expanded field validation and reason codes, more input for fraud prediction—more information for better consumer decisioning.ID+ now examines and returns a more complete picture of a consumer’s digital identity—including email, phone, address and IP/geo-location intelligence—in addition to the intelligence gained from social media data.

Identity Verification

Here are the highlights:

  • Increased worldwide coverage (verifying identities in 175+ countries) via core data and search capability improvements
  • Dozens of new trusted online and social media data sources have been added, bringing the total to over 300 in the Social Biometrics Platform
  • Drastically improved coverage for KYC with best-of-breed GLBA and DPPA data sources as well as major MNO providers
  • Deeper intelligence around the age of the email, type of phone (prepaid/post paid/VOIP), phone in service, name/address/email/phone correlation strength, IP predictors, etc. 
  • Faster performance and improved accuracy (average less than two second response)

 Major enhancements have been made to data source collation and processing methodologies for sharper entity resolution and accuracy, enriched search results, and better system performance.

 All of these enhancements will be added as new reason codes and used to improve our overall fraud and field validation scores. Upgrading to version 2.5 is easy, requiring only a small change to the input request from the Email AuthScore API.

 ID+ for Consumer Verification now provides deeper intelligence on:

SOCIAL: New data sources and social attributes added to improve Social Biometrics and name/address/email/phone correlation and validation

EMAIL: type (bot/spam/disposable/auto-generated), age of email, active/inactive indicators, etc.

PHONE: type (mobile/pre-paid/landline/VOIP/payphone/commercial), age of phone, active/inactive indicators, carrier info, etc.

ADDRESS: type (residential/commercial/prison/multi-unit/PO Box), geo-location, etc.

IP: type (proxy/standard), geo-location, etc.

With this complete digital identity coverage, Socure can be your vendor of choice for fraud risk and KYC compliance—across name, email, address, phone, DOB, SSN and online/social data—in addition to OFAC and PEP/sanctions/watchlist AML compliance.

ID+ remains device and platform agnostic, allowing organizations to verify identities and prevent fraud across a variety of applications while maintaining zero impact to current usability and workflows


Contact Socure today and learn why clients around the world trust ID+ to confirm digital identity in real-time, now with an even more robust coverage from version 2.5! 

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Socure is the leader in high-assurance digital identity verification. The company’s predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to trusted online/offline sources including email, phone, address, IP address, social media and traditional GLBA/DPPA data to authenticate identities in real-time. The Socure ID+ platform reduces fraud by up to 90 percent, lowers manual review/knowledge-based authentication (KBA) rates by as much as 80 percent, and automates Customer Identification Program (CIP), Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance initiatives.