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Ken Allen is an experienced financial and banking professional with extensive experience in various areas, including payments, fraud, operations, treasury, finance, e-commerce, banking, and more. He is the Founder and President of KWA LLC, where he provides consulting expertise to executives and business leaders. He is also SVP Operations at Socure. Previously, he served as the Sr. Vice President of Fraud and Debit Operations and the Vice President of Bank Analysis at Capital One. In this role, he was responsible for the fraud strategy, operations and investigations in addition to debit operations for Capital One Bank. He also has experience as the Vice President, Head of Payments in the Fraud and Operations division at Western Union Ventures. In this role, he handled strategy and operations for the WU Digital Payments Capabilities, Fraud Management, Customer Verification, and Operations. Prior to that, Ken was VP Risk Management at Western Union helping to recognize, minimize and manage exposure across product lines. Ken has also led various functions prior to his experience at Capital One and Western Union, including running Treasury organizations, Financial and Billing organizations, across small to mid-sized companies. He has a passion for technology and the use of it in business, both operationally and customer facing.
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AuthScore: New & Improved

Posted by Ken Allen on Jul 6, 2016 1:58:06 PM

Since the dawn of time - or at least since man started using ID+ for consumer verification of individual identities, the AuthScore has been the central component of an ID+ Score. A simple ordinal whole number between 0 and 10, it is the cornerstone of ascertaining if a consumer being verified is the person they claim to be. For the latest relase of Socure ID+ for Consumer Verification, version 2.5, the AuthScore is "new and imrpoved" for better validation.

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