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Jeff Scheidel

Jeff Scheidel
Jeff Scheidel is a technologist with 34 years in software, including 26 years in security solution design. He is the author of numerous white papers on security and regulatory compliance, as well as a McGraw-Hill book on identity, access, database, and application protection. Jeff is an expert on compliance requirements across a number of industries, and has presented at a wide variety of security events.
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Recent Posts

Numbers Tell The Tale Of Identity Verification

Posted by Jeff Scheidel on Aug 13, 2019

I’m old. The evidence? Well, I still remember when Netscape was actually selling its browser. That’s right, browsers had a price tag. Netscape sold a web server as well. And a web page WYSIWYG editor. Hard to believe now.

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Numbers are your friend
Posted by Jeff Scheidel on Apr 2, 2019

My wife, a brilliant numbers person, spent many years in the classroom as a teacher, until I finally convinced her to forgo the incredible pay and astounding benefits in exchange for life as a highly-in-demand math tutor. As a tutor, she typically gets two kinds of kids: the ones who can use a little (or a lot of) help, and the ones who are already killing it but have parents that want them to kill it even harder.

A Celebration of Day Zero

Reflecting on my time with Sunil Madhu and his impact on Socure
Posted by Jeff Scheidel on Mar 6, 2019

I’ve been in the security space for decades. The bulk of that time has been in identity and access management (IAM). I’ve even published a McGraw-Hill book on the subject. IAM is my baby. But my time in IAM has always been focusing on Day One stuff, as in, I know who you are, so now I’m going to provision you to the apps you can use as part of your role. Recently, I got an invite to do Day Zero stuff, as in, I don't provision you until I know you are truly who you say you are. Day Zero is ID verification. So I've moved my focus a little farther up the stack, touching the identities before they're fully formed.  I made this career change because 1) I wanted a change of scene, and 2) Sunil Mahdu.

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Reflections on Money2020 from a First-timer

Posted by Jeff Scheidel on Dec 5, 2018

As the premier outlet for vendors and customers in the financial services industry, Money20/20 is THE place to see the latest products in fintech, as well as learn about future trends. But like with Gartner Conferences or Oracle OpenWorld or the Identity Summit, you still have a measure of vendors who seem to be saying similar things. How can every vendor truly be the best? It takes a lot to rise above the noise and differentiate. We like to think Socure did that very thing this year. We were loud and fun, but we also proved that we’re three steps ahead when it comes to identity fraud prevention and auto-acceptance.

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