With a fully-automated digital approach to identity verification, Socure and AWS have partnered to help modern businesses meet consumer expectations at scale while simultaneously reducing risk.

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Speed & Accuracy

Socure’s identity verification suite fuels growth by seamlessly assessing customer trust at onboarding and transaction, reducing friction while optimizing customer experience.

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Achieve auto approval rates of up to 94% without introducing friction

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Capture up to 90% of third-party and synthetic identity fraud in the riskiest 3% of users

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Reach more underbanked, thin-file, and new
to country consumers

Power a Diverse Network of Customers

Socure is trusted by three of the top five banks, seven of the top 10 issuers, and many of the world’s largest ecommerce, payroll providers, and fintechs. Fintech customers include Chime, Stash, and Varo.

Our identity verification suite works across multiple industries and use cases including:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Gig Marketplace
  • Ecommerce
  • Online Gaming
  • Payroll Providers
  • Telco

Grow Your Customer Base with Confidence

Customers use the Socure ID+ platform to reduce third-party and synthetic identity fraud, verify government-issued documents, and meet compliance requirements including KYC/AML. Socure's comprehensive ID+ platform features the Sigma Fraud suite, compliance suite, and modules for device, email, phone, and address risk scores.

Socure solutions combine traditional and offline data, real-time data, and social data to generate over 3,000 predictive variables associated with email, phone, address, DOB, SSN, device, name, physical documents, and more.
Our KYC decisioning systems leverage advanced logic, best-in-class depth of data, and provide actionable insights resulting in the broadest identity data coverage available.
Leveraging feedback data from our customer consortium, we maintain a database of 700 million (and growing) known good and bad identities to inform and continuously improve our predictive models.

Socure in AWS Marketplace

Grow safely at scale by speeding up procurement, identifying more good customers while reducing identity fraud.

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As an AWS Technology Partner, Socure has passed the rigorous AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) to ensure that our solutions follow AWS best practices related to security, reliability, and operational excellence.