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ID+, Financial Inclusion

A Layered Approach To Consumer Authentication

Posted by PYMNTS on Jun 7, 2016

The smartest organizations are taking a layered approach to consumer decisioning,  by separating identity verification from credit determination. Big Data enables them to blend intelligence with conventional offline data for hyper-informed decisions, in a way that doesn’t cut corners on the best security practices.

ID+, Financial Inclusion

Why Credit Isn’t Working For Financial Inclusion

Posted by PYMNTS on May 10, 2016

Acquiring that financial health means financial institutions are able to not only know, but accurately identify, their customers.

Press Release, ID+

Why EMV Card Chip Technology Adoption Increased Online Fraud

Posted by PYMNTS on Mar 31, 2016

PYMNTS.com Digital Identity TrackerTM, powered by Socure, Releases the Latest Industry News in and Around Secure Convenience Through Biometrics and Other Sustainable Alternatives to Passwords


Banking Industry Leaders at BAI Payments on Combatting Fraud

Posted by Socure on Mar 2, 2016

Alternative Data, ‘Digital Exhaust’ Provide Key Insights to Better Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity Verification

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