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Why Credit Isn’t Working For Financial Inclusion

Posted by PYMNTS on May 10, 2016

Acquiring that financial health means financial institutions are able to not only know, but accurately identify, their customers.

But for many financial institutions, the use of credit as a determining factor on whether to provide access to banking products or not transforms the decision from one based on identity to one based on credit – a choice that can subsequently lock millions out of the financial world.

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Why EMV Card Chip Technology Adoption Increased Online Fraud

Posted by PYMNTS on Mar 31, 2016

PYMNTS.com Digital Identity TrackerTM, powered by Socure, Releases the Latest Industry News in and Around Secure Convenience Through Biometrics and Other Sustainable Alternatives to Passwords

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Banking Industry Leaders at BAI Payments on Combatting Fraud

Posted by Socure on Mar 2, 2016

Alternative Data, ‘Digital Exhaust’ Provide Key Insights to Better Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity Verification

NEW YORK, March 2, 2016 — Socure (www.socure.com), the industry leader in digital identity verification, today announced that Sunil Madhu, its chief executive officer, will speak to banking industry leaders about ways to reduce payment fraud, at next week’s BAI Payments Connect conference, being held in San Diego.

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Socure Joins Industry Leaders as a Member of the FIDO

Posted by Socure on Feb 18, 2016

Brings Expertise in Digital Identity Verification to Help Industry Consortium

NEW YORK, February 18, 2016 — Socure, the leader in digital identity verification, today announced that it has joined the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, a non-profit, industry consortium developing open, scalable and interoperable authentication standards to reduce the reliance on passwords to securely authenticate users of online services, and to reduce the risks of online identity theft and fraud.

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