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Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Digital Identity

Securing Consumer Data Beyond The SSN

Posted by PYMNTS on Nov 7, 2017

The Social Security number (SSN) was never meant to get this much attention.

It was never meant to be shorthand for, well, you – proving that you are who you say you are, serving as a gateway to all manner of sensitive data and, of course, financial accounts.

Yet those nine numbers have become a standard bearer for identity verification, a gold mine for fraudsters – maybe rendered moot by the huge breaches at Equifax and other companies.

Compliance, AML

Sunil Madhu talks about Building Fraud’s Meta-Machine with PYMTS

Posted by PYMNTS on Sep 6, 2017


Machine learning is new enough that it still sounds like a science-fiction concept

But what’s even more sci-fi is the idea of machines learning from other machines. That’s the end goal, though — and it’s closer than people think.

Compliance, AML

Sunil Madhu talks about Fraud Fighting Machine with PYMNTS.COM

Posted by PYMNTS on Sep 6, 2017

How do machines learn to learn?

In Episode Three of PYMNTS’ machine learning podcast, Socure CEO Sunil Madhu and PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster get technical as they explore the methods and processes that are making machines progressively smarter.

Compliance, AML

Socure Grabs $13.9M In Funding, Eyes Market Growth

Posted by PYMNTS on Aug 9, 2017
Digital identity verification company Socure announced news this morning (Aug. 9) that it closed a Series B funding round for $13.9 million.

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